Caldera Interactive is an independent game studio in Edmonton, Alberta that was founded in 2019. We care deeply about creating emotionally resonant games for a wide variety of underserved gamers, and are committed to our core values:

Accountable by Ralf Schmitzer from the Noun Project Teamwork by Maxim Kulikov from the Noun Project Diversity by Luis Prado from the Noun Project Heart by Gregor Cresnar from the Noun Project Sustainability by Diego Naive from the Noun Project
Accountability Teamwork Diversity & Inclusion Social Good Sustainability

What is a caldera?
A caldera is a hollow formed after a volcanic eruption, when the ground above the emptied magma chamber collapses to fill the space and forms a cauldron-like crater. Calderas can fill with water over time and become beautiful crater lakes. Our studio name represents how something beautiful, serene, and nourishing can come from what was once unpredictable, destructive, and dangerous – a natural story of growth, redemption, and hope.

We are currently working on an unannounced cooperative multiplayer game! Stay tuned for updates, concept art, prototypes, and more.