Jeff Cho Jeff is the studio’s Producer and Game Designer, as well as a developer and writer. He graduated with the Certificate in Computer Game Development alongside a B.Sc. Computing Science Specialization from the University of Alberta in 2019 and co-founded Caldera Interactive. His favorite games include Breath of the Wild, Bastion, Final Fantasy VI, and Chrono Trigger. He is currently an M.Sc. Candidate in Computing Science at the University of Alberta and a commissioned officer with the Royal Canadian Air Force.
Titus is the studio’s Art Director and Lead Artist. Titus Lo
Isael Huard Isael is the studio’s Sound Designer and Composer. He studied music composition at the University of Alberta where he majored in music technologies and electroacoustic music using field recordings, multi-channel audio, and live improvised electronics in his works. He is a foley mixer at Little Hook Sound and his favorite games are Deadspace, Inside and God of War.
Mickael is the studio’s Lead Developer. Mickael Zerihoun